Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nintendo: Pokemon Red (update 2)

I rage quit Pokemon Red last night. I have 35 more to go (after Tauros took literally forever to catch). I was super excited, because I leveled up my Dragonair to a Dragonite in the Victory Road cave on the way to the elite four. I got out and went to the Indigo Plateau Pokemon Center excited to teach him HM02. Ahh, finally, one of my party Pokemon will know fly! (And I don't have to go to Bill's PC and get out my Farfetch'd anymore!)

But wait! DRAGONITE CAN'T LEARN FLY! Apparently, in generation 1 (Red, Blue & Yellow), his wings are just a facade. None of the creators had thought it out at that time that Dragonite ought to be able to learn fly.

So I angrily went to the bulbapedia list of Pokemon in generation 1 that can learn fly. And guess what Pokemon is on there. If you said Doduo, the two-headed ostrich Pokemon, you are correct. Ostrich. As in can't fly. Right? Doduo, the terrestrial bird. Doduo, the Pokemon whose body evolved so the bird "makes up for its poor flying with its fast foot speed. Leaves giant footprints." I guess the creators of Pokemon thought it would be fun if an ostrich could fly, but a dragon couldn't.

So, Doduo can learn fly. And Dragonite cannot. Never mind that Dragonite's picture is of him just chilling, mid-flight. Can't learn fly. Not 'til Gold or Silver did they realize their mistake. Grahhhhhh.

For those wondering here is my final party.
Alakazam (Since Exeggutor is Grass/Psychic, he's probably going to be dropped for a stupid Doduo or maybe Aerodactyl ugh...)

The rule Alan and I are abiding is no legends/starters in your party.


  1. words cannot describe how much i love this post. HAHAHA!!!

    i was pissed that dragonite couldnt learn fly too since dragonite was one of my favs. yeah sometimes the creators really dont think it out...that doesnt make sense really. real ostriches cant fly! also i think i remember dragonite flying in the pokemon tv thats really lame.

    that sound slike a good final party =) i always had gyrados in mine also and made him learn surf~ gyrados is awesome! ninetales, dragonite and alakazam are also win. <3 ninetales!

  2. Thanks for reminding me about that travesty of a Pokemon.

  3. gyrados is cool and all, but damn if electric based attacks dont RUIN him! and whyyyyyy, whyyyy ninetails over arcanine, perhaps the greatest poke of red!

  4. i definitely taught my gyrados surf and strength. and he's got hyrdo pump and hyper beam to round him out.

    @elora - Dragonite even flew in the movie! He was like, the mailman.

    @roland - ninetails over arcanine, because i'm more of a pokemon blue kinda guy, plus, since alan is playing blue and i'm playing red, if we trade pokemon they get boosted experience. therefore any arcanine i would have would take longer to level up since i couldn't trade for him. so i was able to get my ex-blue-sive pokemon and have them level faster. fundamentally having my cake and eating it, too.